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Sober Living During the Holidays

For all the reasons that the holidays are great – family, friends, food, and general good cheer in most cases – they can prove to be particularly trying times for someone who is struggling with addiction recovery. The nature of holiday festivities can create huge challenges for those struggling with eating disorders, alcohol addiction, and drug addiction.

Luckily, there are countless ways to make the holidays a little bit easier. As told in a press release by PRNewswire.com, one organization in particular is offering a quick tip sheet for those struggling with various addictions during the holiday season. We thought this would be a good time to share such beneficial advice.

Below are the tips to avoiding relapse during the holidays, as suggested by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Weigh your options. You don’t have to attend every social gathering of the season. If the event is something that you aren’t required to attend, and you don’t feel strong enough to manage it, it might be best to decline. Sticking to stress-free events this holiday season is the best way to avoid relapse.

Plan ahead. Before you go to an event, think about the situations you might face. How will you respond when offered a drink or dessert? Prepare yourself with a few responses to help you kindly refuse the tempting offer.

Engage your support system. Bring a friend or your sponsor along who can help you stay on track. If you can’t bring a friend, reach out to your sponsor and think about attending a support group meeting before and after the event.

Take a break. The Holidays are stressful and good stress management is essential for avoiding relapse. Fighting off the temptations of the holiday season can be exhausting. There are many things you can do to help clear your mind, such as deep breathing, taking a walk and getting plenty of rest.

Remember that you have a disease called addiction. It can be easy to tell yourself “it’s just one drink” if you are not prepared to say “no.” Remember: just one bite, drink or hit can lead to severe relapse. Once you take the first drink, that drink is in control–not you. Remember the saying “one is too many and 1,000 is never enough.”

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll!