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Letters from the Ranch

Every now and then we get letters from former residents. With their permission, we like to publish them on our blog to give visitors a window into the Hickory Wind Ranch experience both as a house guest, and after. Please enjoy! XOXO

Dear Polly,

Thanks you so much for the expereince you provided mat at Hickory Wind. The last three months of my life have been absolutely amazing!

I have gotten so much out of Hickory Wind. I’ve met some really special people who I’ll be friends with for life. I’ve learned how to play guitar. I can cook now. My confidence has returned . I’m sober. And, most importantly, God is back in my life.

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You played a huge role in this Polly, and for that I am forever grateful. I really appreciated all of our candid conversations and your “calls to action” for me to stand up and be somebody. I finally did and the results have been amazing – and they get better every day!

I’m excited to discover what other plans God has in store for me as I continue on this lifelong journey. I’m also looking forward to staying involved with Hickory Wind and helping other individuals like me recover. I think I have a really neat story to share and can make a difference in a lot of people’s lives. 🙂

What an amazing journey this has been! Thank you so much for helping to make all of it possible.

Your friend forever,