Upscale Sober Living Austin, Texas

Hickory Wind Ranch provides a safe and nurturing environment for recovering addicts from all walks of life, geographies and crafts. Because each recovery journey is as important as one’s ultimate destination, our goal is to help every member of our community learn how to live a full and rich sober life and to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Our communities will provide a tranquil yet supportive environment to begin sober living in Austin.

We embrace and practice the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and strive to create an environment rooted in love, service, grace, tolerance and community. Unlike most treatment centers, sober homes and half way houses, Hickory Wind Ranch in Austin, TX offers a comprehensive recovery program that helps our residents heal on all levels: mind, body and spirit.

Hickory Wind Ranch is now owned and managed by Omega Recovery. Please contact Omega Recovery if you are in need of Intensive Outpatient Services in Austin, Texas.

We understand people pay a lot of money for treatment and many don’t always get the true attention, healing and the right kind of therapy they need at the root and core emotional levels. At Hickory Wind we believe very much in healing at the core emotional level, mostly stemming from our childhood and family of origins. This is why we provide additional holistic services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not, so that our residents can either continue the core work they began at Treatment or begin that work if they are just getting started on the spiritual journey.

You will find that our staff has a strong value in providing excellence in everything we do and we will welcome, serve and walk with you through this journey. Quality is one of our core values, providing a clean, upscale home and room in the heart of Austin, personally welcoming you upon your arrival, picking you from the airport if needed, helping you explore Austin if it’s your first time in the city, assisting at times in transportation or just overall support if you need mentoring and guidance, this is the family spirit you will feel and be a part of at Hickory Wind . We appreciate you considering us in the next step of your journey, if there is anything we can do to help or any questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
~The Hickory Wind Team

What makes us unique?

How is Hickory Wind Ranch different than other recovery centers, programs and sober living in Austin?

Resident’s sobriety journey is supported with an individually tailored “prospectus,” which is deeply rooted to prepare them for successful entry into their new life. This tailored approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive family-like community atmosphere, which provides a safe and caring haven for navigating this arduous journey into sober path.