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Methamphetamine Addicts & Sober Living

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As a sober living house, we cater to all different types of substance abuse, including prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, heroin abuse and more. Not to make light of the others, but methamphetamine, or its more common moniker “meth”, is one of the more dangerous street drugs out there. Not only does it have detrimental effects on the body, but it is also dangerous to produce, incites drug-related violence, is extremely addictive, and can be synthesized from household items.

As general information goes on meth, its abundant. You’ve probably seen the harrowing before and after photos of meth users. Methamphetamine exhausts your body’s dopamine production causing feelings of euphoria. The drug’s effect lasts up to 12 hours and more often than not, those who abuse it will do so repeatedly, staying up for days at time without sleep or food. Also, due to the nature of meth’s high, users are more likely to repeat abuse in order to avoid feeling the “crash”.

Meth is no joke. Over the past 10 years, household meth production and abuse has become a country wide epidemic. For more information on methamphetamine addiction and sober living, you can check out our latest resource page on the topic.