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Russell Brand’s Advocacy for Addiction Treatment

“It’s more important that we regard those suffering from addiction with compassion and that there’s a pragmatic, rather than symbolic, approach to treating addiction.”

Russell Brand, Hollywood’s daft, tall, dark, flamboyant prankster made a an honest appeal to a British parliamentary committee examining UK drug policy, advocating for a more compassionate and rehabilitative approach to treating addiction as opposed to a penal or criminal punishment. Brand who has been very open about his past as a heroin addict and constant sufferer of the judicial consequences of his actions, is an interesting voice in the addiction treatment world. As a film star, he is most commonly seen as an off-beat, often oblivious British rocker, and his roles have sometimes involved copious amounts of drinking and drug use. But now, 8 years sober, Brand has been working hard at getting the word out on how to revamp the way society views addiction. He was also a good friend of the late Amy Winehouse, whose death prompted a lengthy blog post from Brand talking about addiction and how it affects the ones you love. You can read it here. We did a post about Winehouse’s death a while back. You can read that here.

Below is Brand’s full testimony.