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As the 2nd biggest state in the country, Texas has a huge population. As a matter of fact, Texas boasts three cities in the top 10 for population. This means that we’ve got more folks to take care of when it comes to addiction. As a state, our addiction rate isn’t high as some others – Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, Vermont, Rhode Island and Montana all ranking within the 8 – 12% range. Texas sits around the 5 – 7% range, and while that’s not a staggering as 12%, it still means that we have folks here that need help.

With one of the most comprehensive and largest networks of detox, rehab, and sober living facilities, Texas has the ability to meet the needs of anyone of any substance abuse background. Sober living is a crucial next step to anyone looking to get sober, and along with several other reputable sober living houses in the state, Hickory Wind Ranch is invested in the treatment of formers addicts both in state and out of state.

Sober living in Texas offers you simultaneously different environments. You can find places in one of our major urban areas, or you can seek an environment out in countryside. There’s plenty of it.

As director of Hickory Wind Ranch, Polly Parsons has experience both in treating addiction in others and dealing with addiction on a personal level. The Hickory Wind Ranch program offers discreet attention to needs and provides a nurturing environment for people of all walks of life.

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