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It’s critical to choose the right Sober home for yourself or your loved one. We know that the environment is one of the most important ingredients when it comes to becoming healthy. A plant will thrive in healthy soil, which is why we have an active role on maintaining a healthy and holistic environment to ensure a safe, nurturing and clean home to focus on recovery. We provide upscale holistic sober living in downtown/central Austin at the most affordable prices, and we have 5 full time staff along with 8 house managers on-site fully dedicated and hands on to serve the needs of our residents. As part of our belief and commitment to true healing and restoration, we’ve included several holistic services, all inclusive in rent. We also offer customized healing and mentoring packages for those interested in a more structured program and personal development. That plan is highly intensive and is 5+ hours a week of healing, mentoring, development and out-sourced therapy. Each member of our staff has gone through the eye of the needle, explored deep into our psyche, healed the deep pains within, making life amends, work the 12 steps daily and gone through the growing pains to experience what true transformation and a recovered looks like. And we are here to ensure our residents get the best care sober living can provide. We believe and know The Process from our own experience and today we have a deep understanding and relationship with our True Whole SELF and our Higher Power. This package includes sessions every week with each member of our staff along with some of the top therapists in the city of Austin and we guide, mentor and develop individuals through to the other side.

Take an Inside Look into BridgeWay Sober Living


As you read above, Hickory Wind Ranch not only specializes in Recovery, but also in healing – addressing the root causes of addiction, getting to the underlying pain, shame, guilt, fear and resentments that we numb, helping our clients get to their feelings and heal at the root level. We provide counseling and holistic services that help address the core unresolved emotional issues that cause addiction, compulsive behaviors, codependency and depression.

  • Prime Locations in the 78704 Downtown/central, assessable to jobs in the heart of the city
  • 2 Weekly House Meetings
  • Fitness Classes
  • Yoga
  • Monthly Maid Service
  • 1 fitness & nutrition session monthly
  • YMCA membership that included
    • Three-pool natatorium
    • Steam room, Hot Tub, & Dry sauna
    • Full-sized gym for basketball, volleyball & more
    • 5,000 sq. ft. cardio area with TVs
    • 10,000 ft. of workout equipment
    • Group classes: boot Camp, Yoga, Pilates and Barre Conditioning
    • Martial Arts & Boxing

Intensive Healing, Mentorship, Development & Reintegration 

For those interested in more healing, development, structure & mentorship, we offer a 90 day customized program that includes 5+ hours each week in intensive, hands-on mentorship. In this program, you will have therapists  that you’ll meet with each week to do intensive work to fully transform your life to discover your true authentic self. To sum it up as best as we can, individuals who actively participate will have a fully structured plan and an engaged team of people intimately in their lives to mentor, train and develop them, helping them become healthy, thriving adults. During this time, you will fully dissect your childhood, understand your family of origins, get your history straight, be educated on trauma/shame that happens during early onset childhood that you internalized from the world around you and become aware of your shadow that continues to pull you back into your lower nature.  Once you “name it to tame”, getting full clarity of your history and self sabotaging patterns, you then begin the healing process and taught how to feel your feelings in a safe way, slowly allowing your True Self to emerge and come out of hiding. This process takes time but the process is real and you will slowly begin to rebuild your self esteem, set healthy boundaries, begin asking for your needs and wants and start living life in your own reality, breaking free from people pleasing, image management, masks and other compulsive behaviors/process addictions. You’ll begin to start learning to be OK with who you are, how you were made, with full self acceptance, self compassion and self love. Ultimately, you begin to take on your own identity, rescue your wounded inner child, get in touch with your true authentic self, and begin reparenting yourself learning that you have the tools, resources and ability to care for yourself. This leads to a self sustaining, self reliant and independent life – depending and relying on your higher power every day, believing in yourself. Living from this new place of self esteem and inherent worth, you’ll continue practicing to heal and shed away the layers of the survival and compulsive behaviors that have unconsciously been running your life and start living life in moderation, practicing healthy self care. Once this inner work is truly done, the process is very real and you can return to become your true authentic whole self, what you were always intended to be. Like a caterpillar dissolving into a butterfly, it takes a cocoon with a time period for deep reflection, inner work, spiritual development and healing. And on the other side, our calling awaits us as we morph into our true identity and we start helping others who are sick to find the very deep healing & transformation process that we were given. The Process is real.

Here are some of the things that we work on in this program.

  • 1:1 Mentorship
  • Shame Release work
  • Trauma Resolution work
  • Inner Child Healing work
  • Self Love, Self Esteem, Self Care & Boundaries work
  • Feelings work – Learning to feeling feelings and get in touch with your emotions (feel it to heal it)
  • Understanding past, getting history straight & Identifying core emotional wounds (name it to tame it)
  • Healing Compulsive Behaviors (over spending, food, anger/rage, adrenalin/work, sex/relationships, etc)
  • Healing on codependency, enmeshment and dysfunctional relationships
  • Customized Nutrition, Blood Chemistry Work to identify areas of weakness and customize food plan
  • Reintegration Training
  • Vulnerability and self compassion work
  • Fitness training
  • Learning how to ask for Needs & Wants
  • Life Skills Training
  • Spiritual Guidance & Understanding of Guiding Light/HP
  • Awakening to hearts inner desires
  • Emotional Intelligence development
  • Subconscious Childhood re-leaning
  • Nature & Greenbelt Hiking Morning Trips (Re-learning healthy habits)
  • Exploring the Inner World of the Soul, Mythical & Hero’s Journey understanding & training
  • Coaching for Parents on Co-dependency, detaching with love, setting boundaries
  • Full detail reports at the end of every month


We find that most of our clients come in to recover from addiction but later realize after working with our staff that they also have some other maladaptive and compulsive behaviors still spilling out in their lives. Some of these may include: anxiety, depression, work addiction, codependency, anger or rage, love addiction, overwhelming sense of shame, low self esteem, food or eating disorders, or relationship issues. This, we believe, is because there is unresolved trauma from our childhood that stems from our family of origins. Our entire focus is to create a comforting, safe and nurturing environment for sober living while continuing to help our clients address the rootcauses of addiction, compulsive behaviors, depression and fear.

We have made it our mission to help our clients not only make a full recovery from their addiction, but heal at the very core and emotional level to return to a sense of self esteem, wholeness, and love. Once we invest our time to do our inner spiritual work and explore our family of origins, we begin to understand our history and start the path of healing. We can restore the relationship with ourself and begin to embrace our inherent worth, value and love getting it from within versus externally.

At Hickory Wind Ranch, healing & recovery to our True Self is our calling, purpose and lifestyle. With 5 full time staff members & 8 house on-site house managers, we are fully dedicated, engaged and hands-on day to day for our residents. We are committed to not only helping our own clients discover and bring out their true authentic selves and restore their lives, but we ourselves our committed to the same standard by the product and services we provide. We know and understand recovery and what it takes, both by scientific study and our own experience, journey and coming out the other side. Plain and simple, we live what what we teach, and our clients feel the heart and soul behind our leadership team.


Understanding your past and getting your history straight. Naming & Identifying what happened in your family of origins gaining clarity & awareness. Digging up repressed feelings and connecting deeper with them. Discovering your true self and learning how to safely become vulnerable. Healing and releasing any carried shame, guilt or anger. Finding & developing a true relationship with a higher power that is real, deep and personal to you. Practicing Self Love, Self Care & Boundaries. Finding & discovering a healthy relationship with Your Self and rebuilding self esteem. Service & giving back. Living your own life, breaking away from enmeshed relationships. Self Sustaining & independence. Strong support & meetings. Sponsorship. Structured living. A new peace of mind. A deep embodiment of the 12 steps.  

One thing you can count on should you choose Hickory Wind Ranch, is that you will have every resource, tool, and a safe nurturing environment that will provide every opportunity for a full restoration and recovery. There is no other sober living in Austin that offers prime locations in the heart of Austin assessable to jobs, along with the amenities, services and staff.

One final personal note from myself – people pay a lot of money for treatment and many don’t get the true attention, healing and right kind of therapy they need at the root and core level, which goes all the way back to our family of origins. At Hickory Wind Ranch, while we are not a treatment center, we do provide all inclusive outsourcing methods, processes and resources that will actually focus on the core of healing. With our Hands-on approach and commitment to each individuals life, we find many of our clients get more value from these services than they do at some treatment centers. We also work closely with trusted Treatment Centers and Outpatient programs that we can refer you to should further care be needed.


At Hickory Wind Ranch, we believe anyone can heal their lives and recover to live a full, healthy – joyous-free life. However, not everyone is ready to do the inner work necessary to heal, grow & develop. Personally, we believe it’s because of lack of understanding this process along with the time, effort & commitment it takes. Are you truly ready to take the time to go within, dig deep to understand your family of origins & history, feel their repressed feelings, grieve the hurts within, take inventory to clean house, make the necessary amends, go through growing pains of maturity, learn the tools and apply them and take full ownership for their lives. The reason why ‘they’ say it usually takes hitting bottom, is because this work is painful, and the pain of staying the same usually has to be greater than the pain it takes to change.

It is required upon moving in that an individual is ready to do their work, we know this process only works if we work it. That being said, we have a very healthy balance of freedom and structure. We operate from a place of love and compassion for all human beings yet maintain strong boundaries and standards by which we hold firmly. Before deciding if Hickory Wind Ranch is right for you or your loved one, please read and understand some of our standards listed below. Our house managers are living lives of service, they have been through the process and understand the different pitfalls that happen along the way of this process. Through a compassionate yet firm approach, they are guides that help individuals stay on track in their healing and recovery. We as a staff keep a very close pulse on all of our homes to ensure the healthy family spirit and psychology of the community.

Standards & Client Expectations

  1. A sponsor is required and if upon entering you do not have one, you will have one week to attain one.
  2. There is a zero tolerance policy for using any mind altering substances. Any usage is an automatic discharge and we have our House Manager & Assistant managers living on the properties.
  3. A minimum of 4 recovery meetings a week is required.
  4. Mandatory of volunteering of at least one hour a week, either in a 12 step environment or other organization.
  5. Making contact with at least two people in recovery daily.
  6. Reading recovery literature daily
  7. Attendance to all house meetings (twice a week)
  8. Complete chore twice a week after the house meetings
  9. Maintaining a healthy and positive attitude
  10. Maintaining a clean space in the home

 (Each client must sign a client agreement upon being admitted, see more standards there)


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