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On March 12th, 2012, our founder Polly Parsons was featured on Recovery People, a weekly podcast about the culture of recovery.┬áListen to the full podcast right here on our press page, which is full of intimate observations & reflections by Polly on her father and how his legacy inspires her work in the recovery community.  

Twisted South Magazine "Noteworthy Southerners doing cool things: Polly Parsons, Hickory Wind Ranch, Austin, Texas"
Hickory Wind Ranch provides a safe and nurturing sober living envi- ronment for recovering men and women from all walks of life, geogra- phies, and crafts.
Polly Parsons was just a child when her father, legendary singer- songwriter Gram Parsons, died in 1973 from an overdose of morphine during a vacation in the California desert in Joshua Tree. He was only 26. While not a household name, Parsons created timeless "cosmic cowboy" songs that profoundly influenced artists as varied as Beck, the Rolling Stones, Wilco, and many more. Today, Polly lives in Austin, Texas, and has created Hickory Wind Ranch to pas- sionately support men and women in recovery from all over the country. They specialize in treating artists and musicians, and the programs are also tailored to meet the different recov- ery needs of men and women. [Read Article]

SIMS Foundation - The SIMS Foundation's Mission is to provide access to and financial support for mental health and addiction recovery services for Austin-area musicians and their families. SIMS was founded in 1995 by the friends and family of Sims Ellison, a talented young Austin musician, after his battle with depression ended in suicide. Watch their video below to see how they're helping the Austin music community

Hickory Wind Ranch in the News

"I was supported artistically early in my sobriety," she stresses. "Writers and artists were all around me. I had faith it was working for them even if I didn't think it would work for me. So the idea is there really is hope, that if you're in a sober living situation in the language that you speak, you have a fighting chance."

With its facade resembling the premises where her father took his last breath, the ranch house's shared rooms offer women personable quarters under a program that reteaches everyday life skills under supervision and amid random drug testing and regular 12-step and recovery meetings..." - read full article - Austin Chronicle - Cover Story
"Do Right Woman" - July 2009

austin chronicle selects Hickory Wind Ranch "Polly Parsons' Hickory Wind Ranch offers a sober living environment for recovering men and women...creative element to the program that comes from Parsons' deep belief in nurturing the arts. In Austin, that's a crucial step for those pledging to stay sober..." - Austin Chronicle - Best of Austin -2010
A Visit to Hickory Wind Ranch, from Hair in My Coffee

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