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To Our Community of Neighbors in South Austin

Hickory Wind Ranch is a concept and system of operation for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts to have a holistic setting and supportive structure with the opportunity to get comfortable enough in sobriety to stay sober and clean forever.

A primary goal of Hickory Wind Ranch is to not only support recovering addicts, but also support the community we live in. By requiring our residents to “give back” to the community they live in, we enhance the diversity of our wonderful city and better the lives of all of those around us. As you can see on our website, our aim is to give the necessary tools to our residents to create and live a healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually. The residents at Hickory Wind Ranch are in fact good neighbors and we welcome our neighbors to visit the ranch and see for themselves.

All our materials are included at our web site and neighbors can understand how Hickory Wind Ranch works by reading any of the material. This is important for two reasons: we want neighbors to know us, and neighbors want to know us because they usually know someone or have a relative that has been an active alcoholic or drug addict.

The Hickory Wind Ranch concept of self-support and discipline saves taxpayers a substantial amount of money by providing a successful recovery environment for individuals. Without this type of secondary recovery situation individuals are 4 to 5 times more likely to relapse compared to any other recovery method afforded alcoholics and/or drug addicts. Please look over all the material we have at this website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We will get back to you quickly. We have been and will continue to be good neighbors in the Austin, TX community.


Call us anytime for information 512-765-5711