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Client Letters

“Taking my son to Hickory Wind Ranch was one of the best decisions and investments I’ve ever made.The three months he stayed at HWR were not only reassuring for all of us involved but comforting. Your personal guidance in my son’s life will go far. ” Client’s mother

“The wonderful surroundings really did enable me to grow where planted. Now at over 9 months sober, I feel that Hickory Wind Ranch was the best support I could possibly have had. I thank you for everything and your wonderful input and contributions to my life.” Alumni

“No other sober house in Austin provides this level of post-treatment recovery. The programming and supervision provided is what professional interventionists and treatment center discharge planners are constantly seeking. I’m not surprised they have a waiting list.” Austin, TX Treatment Professional

“When I saw Hickory Wind Ranch for the first time I was blown away by the beautiful artistic decor and well-appointed guest quarters. It wasn’t just nice….it felt warm and safe. Their love and passion for recovery, music and art has made HWR a spiritual nest for healing.” Austin, TX Therapist


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