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Nothing is more visual and informative than a great infographic, and we’ve found one that pretty much covers all of the bases for drug addiction and the body. From psychedelics to marijuana to narcotics and prescriptions drugs, the below graphic lays down exactly what these drugs do to your body. Thought we would share with you all! xoxo

By the way, we got this from the Recovery Connection. They’re great for substance abuse and recovery information.

Mythbusters: Fact or Fiction #drugchat Recap

A couple weeks ago, Hickory Wind Ranch participated in Phoenix House and The Fix’s co-sponsored drug chat on Twitter. The “Mythbusters” chat addressed the myths surround addiction, certain substances and recovery. Below are some the highlights from this inspiring and fun social endeavor:

Thanks to Phoenix House and The Fix for putting on another great Twitter chat. We cannot get enough of them. You can also read about the #drugchat on the Phoenix House blog.