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12 Steps Program Infographic

Recently our friends at Recovery Connection developed this interesting infographic that reviews each step and provides some interesting statistics. As noted on their site:

12 Step programs began with Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935. Since that time, the 12 Steps have helped millions remain clean and sober.


HWR’s Family Dinner Night

Every so often, we like to get together with current and past residents and celebrate the great journeys made through Hickory Wind year after year. Most recently, we hosted HWR’s Family Dinner Night on Thursday April 5th, 2012 with plenty of good company, food, and great music. Some of our friends were kind enough to come out and document the evening. We’ll be posting some resident interviews from the dinner soon, but in the meantime here’s what you missed! xoxo


Saved by the Food

You’ve probably seen him on his now infamous TV show “Bizarre Foods” eating something like spiders, or cow eyeballs, or raw squids. Andrew Zimmern is the venerable, food-exploring host of Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods”. But he wasn’t always the world-hopping travel extraordinaire that he is today. Growing up in Manhattan in his early twenties, Zimmern became a helpless addict, homeless and friendless in the Big Apple.

We regularly hear stories about celebrities overcoming addiction, and Zimmern has a particularly unique one to tell. He sat down with The Fix last year to talk about his early days and you can read the entire post. His was a more debilitating addiction, which as mentioned before, left him homeless and hungry in New York City.

It is an interesting thread that emerges in the food service industry. Statistically, food service employees are one of the most likely occupations to suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Perhaps this is because of the quick pace and energetic atmosphere or the long hours. It could also be because alcohol is in ample supply and within easy access in most restaurant environments. There are also reasons to believe that the micro-culture revolving around the food service industry endorses that kind of behavior.

However, Zimmern (and his Travel Channel colleague Anthony Bourdain) have gone from young talented chefs with substance abuse problems to realizing their potential as cultural ambassadors abroad. Living a sober life after addiction and finding a passion and calling is important in remaining sober and establishing a new livelihood.

Gram Parsons Foundation Launch on Venue One

Hello all! We’re pleased to announce that our partners at the Gram Parsons Foundation hosted an amazing launch event during SXSW and it will be streaming on Venue One today! This event features performances by Blitzen Trapper, Cory Chisel, Brendan Benson, Eric Burdon and more! The event will begin streaming at 5PM Central Standard Time.

You can watch the performance in its entirety right here at Venue One. Here’s a promo video for the streaming:

Gram Parsons Foundation on, Thursday April 5th @ 1800 EST/2300 GMT from VenueOne on Vimeo.

There will be a link on site where you can donate to the Gram Parsons Foundation. Enjoy!

A Chat with Toby LeBlanc

Recently, our team had the opportunity to sit down with our good friend Toby LeBlanc.  Toby is a licensed counselor practicing in Austin, TX, and in this brief clip, he takes some time to talk about therapy for addiction.  We produced this video, which is part of our ongoing Documentary Series, with Daddy Van Productions, and the song featured is “The Drowning Pool” by Charlie Terrell.