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Nothing is more visual and informative than a great infographic, and we’ve found one that pretty much covers all of the bases for drug addiction and the body. From psychedelics to marijuana to narcotics and prescriptions drugs, the below graphic lays down exactly what these drugs do to your body. Thought we would share with you all! xoxo

By the way, we got this from the Recovery Connection. They’re great for substance abuse and recovery information.

Mythbusters: Fact or Fiction #drugchat Recap

A couple weeks ago, Hickory Wind Ranch participated in Phoenix House and The Fix’s co-sponsored drug chat on Twitter. The “Mythbusters” chat addressed the myths surround addiction, certain substances and recovery. Below are some the highlights from this inspiring and fun social endeavor:

Thanks to Phoenix House and The Fix for putting on another great Twitter chat. We cannot get enough of them. You can also read about the #drugchat on the Phoenix House blog.

Russell Brand’s Advocacy for Addiction Treatment

“It’s more important that we regard those suffering from addiction with compassion and that there’s a pragmatic, rather than symbolic, approach to treating addiction.”

Russell Brand, Hollywood’s daft, tall, dark, flamboyant prankster made a an honest appeal to a British parliamentary committee examining UK drug policy, advocating for a more compassionate and rehabilitative approach to treating addiction as opposed to a penal or criminal punishment. Brand who has been very open about his past as a heroin addict and constant sufferer of the judicial consequences of his actions, is an interesting voice in the addiction treatment world. As a film star, he is most commonly seen as an off-beat, often oblivious British rocker, and his roles have sometimes involved copious amounts of drinking and drug use. But now, 8 years sober, Brand has been working hard at getting the word out on how to revamp the way society views addiction. He was also a good friend of the late Amy Winehouse, whose death prompted a lengthy blog post from Brand talking about addiction and how it affects the ones you love. You can read it here. We did a post about Winehouse’s death a while back. You can read that here.

Below is Brand’s full testimony.


Methamphetamine Addicts & Sober Living

drug free

Get Drug Free

As a sober living house, we cater to all different types of substance abuse, including prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, heroin abuse and more. Not to make light of the others, but methamphetamine, or its more common moniker “meth”, is one of the more dangerous street drugs out there. Not only does it have detrimental effects on the body, but it is also dangerous to produce, incites drug-related violence, is extremely addictive, and can be synthesized from household items.

As general information goes on meth, its abundant. You’ve probably seen the harrowing before and after photos of meth users. Methamphetamine exhausts your body’s dopamine production causing feelings of euphoria. The drug’s effect lasts up to 12 hours and more often than not, those who abuse it will do so repeatedly, staying up for days at time without sleep or food. Also, due to the nature of meth’s high, users are more likely to repeat abuse in order to avoid feeling the “crash”.

Meth is no joke. Over the past 10 years, household meth production and abuse has become a country wide epidemic. For more information on methamphetamine addiction and sober living, you can check out our latest resource page on the topic.



Sober Living Testimonial – Group Male Interview – April 2012

Sober Living Testimonial

On April 5th, 2012, the Hickory Wind Ranch crew sat down with two current male residents and one alumni to discuss their experiences at Hickory Wind Ranch, a sober living community for those recovering from alcohol and drug abuse.

sober living home

In the video above, learn more about each of these three individual’s experiences with recovery from addiction and how Hickory Wind Ranch played a part in their lives. If you or someone you love needs help, contact us today.