Sober Living

We embrace and practice the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and strive to create a sober living environment rooted in love, service, grace, tolerance and community. Our motto, "Recover, Recreate, Rediscover," embodies our philosophy. Unlike most sober living homes and extended care homes, Hickory Wind Ranch offers a comprehensive recovery program that fully immerses our residents into sober living.

compassion, care, & community.

Extended Care

How are Hickory Wind Ranch's sober living homes different than other sober living homes? Each resident’s sobriety journey is supported with an individually tailored "prospectus," which is deeply rooted to prepare them for successful entry into their new lives. This tailored approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive family-like, creative atmosphere, which provides a safe and caring haven for navigating the arduous journey into sober living. Read our Sober Living Testimonials to see what people have to say about Hickory Wind Ranch.

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