Sober living in Austin

Community Based Recovery Center & Sober Living in Austin

Hickory Wind Ranch provides a safe and nurturing environment for recovering addicts from all walks of life, geographies and crafts. Because each recovery journey is as important as one’s ultimate destination, our goal is to help every member of our community learn how to live a full and rich sober life and to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Our communities will provide a tranquil yet supportive environment to begin sober living in Austin.

We embrace and practice the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and strive to create an environment rooted in love, service, grace, tolerance and community. Unlike most treatment centers, sober homes and half way houses, Hickory Wind Ranch in Austin, TX offers a comprehensive recovery program that helps our residents heal on all levels: mind, body and spirit.


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Sober living in Austin, TX

We understand people pay a lot of money for treatment or sober living in Austin, and many don’t always get the true attention, healing and the right kind of therapy they need at the root and core emotional levels. At Hickory Wind Ranch, while we are not a treatment center, we believe very much in healing at the core emotional level, mostly stemming from childhood wounds and trauma. This is why we provide inclusive services and resources that other Sober Living environments do not, so that our residents can either continue the core work they began at Treatment or begin that work if they are just getting started on the journey. We appreciate you considering Hickory Wind Ranch in the next step of your recovery, if there is anything we can do to help or any questions we can answer for you, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
~The Hickory Wind Ranch Team

What makes us unique?

How is Hickory Wind Ranch different than other recovery centers, programs and sober living in Austin?

Resident’s sobriety journey is supported with an individually tailored “prospectus,” which is deeply rooted to prepare them for successful entry into their new life. This tailored approach to recovery is enhanced by our supportive family-like community atmosphere, which provides a safe and caring haven for navigating this arduous journey into sober path.

Sober living in Austin, TX
I met David when I was staying in the House he was managing in San Francisco. He is one of the most genuine, caring people I know. He not only did a great job managing the house, but more importantly, he was always there for anyone going through a rough time that needed some extra support. There were many times I saw him take someone aside and really listen to them – offering any help he could, whether it be specific support tools, or just being a friend that cared. I’ve even seen David recently go on his own amazing life journey and admire him for taking a leap of faith to do what he’s truly passionate about, while helping so many people in the process. I feel fortunate to have met David and to learn so much from him. Chris G.

Hickory Wind Ranch has given me the safe haven to work on recovery that I am forever grateful for. The best experiences have come from the community that lives here. I have been able to make lasting and true friends here who have my back and support me. The house managers and owner provide a safe environment for me to be able to go through the necessary steps of recovery without worrying about distractions that life outside of sober living brings. The rules of the house are very reasonable and kept enforced to allow accountability for our actions which helps everyone be beneficial to each other and prevents conflicts. I cant say enough about this place and how much of a blessing it has been for me to come here and do what has for so long been put aside. Thank you David and the Hickory Wind Ranch community for making this a one of a kind experience. Andrey V.

As a professional who relocated to Austin, I had the ability to pretty much live where ever I wanted. However, I felt that sober living would help me to continue to build and progress. From the moment I learned of Hickory Wind Ranch I knew that I not only found a place to live, but a place to grow. This is not the place for someone that only wants to stay sober, this is a community for people who want to change their entire life. A healthy, happy life is built upon the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical areas. At Hickory Wind Ranch you find ways to strengthen and grow in each area. Everyday in the community I find one of the areas influenced and improved through my interaction with the others. This is a community for everyone. Age, race, sex, profession, sexual orientation or length of sobriety is not a hindrance to the program. If you have the sincere desire to change your life, in every way, than this is the community that will help you. The only thing that can keep a person from becoming the best version of themselves, is not having the desire and standing in their own way. My life is better, fuller and brighter today because I discovered Hickory Wind Ranch. Thomas G.

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